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Aabab Tablets

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Aabab Tablets are a unique combination of powerful herbal ingredients that act together as an effective herbal treatment for loose vagina. This tablet firms and tightens the vagina naturally and gives more pleasure and sensation during penetration. It allows women to enjoy a richer and more satisfying sex life by tightening the inner tissues and walls of the vagina. Aabab Tablets restore the youthfulness and suppleness of the intimate area and allows women to reach orgasms more often. Aabab Tablets tighten the vaginal muscles and tones and restores the grip of the vagina. This gives a better feeling and more pleasure to the male partner during penetration. Aabab tablets are the perfect choice for women who experience loose vagina due to aging, menopause, overstretching from child birth or excessive involvement in love making activities. Aabab tablets eliminate bad vaginal odor and relieves occasional itching and swelling of the intimate area. Regular use of Aabab Tablets reduce excessive mucous of the vagina and helps to prevent infections. Ingredients: Argilla Vitriolutum Quercus Infectoria Aabab Tablets are useful in: Loose vagina Leucorrhoea or white discharge Vaginal Infection Direction: Insert one Aabab tablet into the vagina one hour before lovemaking daily or alternative day for maximum tightening sensation. Aabab tablets work immediately after they dissolve, and the tightening effects will last for 2-3 hours. This tablet is ONLY intended for vaginal use and must not be taken orally. Frequently asked questions: Are Aabab tablets safe to use? Yes. Aabab Tablets are safe. They are pure herbal products with all natural ingredients. There are no side effects reported till date. You can use Aabab tablets long term without any fear of side-effects.


  • Immediately tightens the vagina
  • Helpful with Leucorrhoea or white discharge
  • Eliminates vaginal odor
  • Prevents vaginal infections
  • All natural. No harmful chemicals

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