antioxidant multivitamin – Blood Pressure Pills – Beet Root 1000MG – Natural NUTRIENTS – Beet Fiber – 2 Bottles (240 Capsules)

antioxidant multivitamin - Blood Pressure Pills - Beet Root 1000MG - Natural NUTRIENTS - Beet Fiber - 2 Bottles (240 Capsules)

antioxidant multivitamin - Blood Pressure Pills - Beet Root 1000MG - Natural NUTRIENTS - Beet Fiber - 2 Bottles (240 Capsules) Rating:
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antioxidant multivitamin - blood pressure pills - BEET ROOT 1000MG - NATURAL NUTRIENTS - beet fiber - 2 Bottles (240 Capsules)

BEET ROOT FOR BOOSTING HEALTH: Beets may be messy to cut and sometimes have dull, dirty exteriors. And you may not have eaten them since you were a kid, and they came sliced or diced from a can. But there's more to beets than meets the eye. Beets are really healthy and can benefit you in many ways that you would not expect.

BEET ROOT HOLDS ANTIOXIDANT POWERS: The part of beets that gives it its dark red color is beta-cyanine. Beta-cyanine is a powerful antioxidant that's important in fighting health problems. Beta-carotene -a powerful antioxidant phytonutrient. Since beet root also has vitamin C the antioxidant content is powerful.

BEET IMPROVES STAMINA: Many different athletes eat beets-they know research has suggested that nitrates boost endurance performance. In one study, cyclists who drank beet juice could pedal hard 15% longer in a time trial to exhaustion. It takes about three to five beets (depending on their size, which varies widely) to get a performance boost, says study author Andy Jones, PhD, dean of research.

BEET ROOT FOR LIVER HEALTH: Your liver does the heavy work of cleaning your blood. Research shows that betaine, an amino acid found in beets (as well as spinach and quinoa) can help stop and reduce the accumulation of fat in the liver. Research on people with overweight problems founds that beet root improves liver function and can decrease cholesterol levels.


  • BEET ROOT 1000MG: After years of being relegated to the recesses of the salad bar buffet next to the shredded cheese and buttered croutons, beets are enjoying their much-deserved place at the center stage of a healthy diet. Our beet root supplement is loaded with essential everyday nutrients and can provide you with many health benefits.
  • BEET ROOT FOR LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE: Beets are rich in nitrates, which the body converts to nitric oxide-a compound that relaxes and dilates blood flow areas, turning them into superhighways for your nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood. That means better circulation, and possibly lower blood pressure.
  • BEET ROOT IS LOADED WITH VITAMINS AND MINERALS: Beets and beet greens are loaded with life-giving minerals, including magnesium (which has lots of benefits), potassium (which aids heart, kidneys, muscle, nerve, and digestive functions), copper, iron, and phosphorus, an essential mineral. Beets are also a great source of Vitamins A, B, and C, as well as healthy fiber.
  • BEET ROOT HELPS YOUR BRAIN WORK: Nitric oxide relaxes and dilates your blood vessels, which in turn increases blood flow to the brain-which could bring on better brain function. That's particularly important as we age, as research finds that our capacity to generate nitric oxide diminishes as we get older and beet root can help your nitric levels stay strong and not low.
  • MADE IN U.S.A. No Additives or Fillers, Zero Artificial Ingredients. In addition, our formula is made in FDA approved facility under GMP standards.

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