Ascenta Canine Omega3 Supplement, 200ml

Ascenta Canine Omega3 Supplement, 200ml

Ascenta Canine Omega3  Supplement, 200ml Rating:
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Product Description

Ultra-pure, great tasting omega-3 for dogs. EPA and DHA are the active forms of omega-3 required by the body to perform vital functions. Omega-3 is beneficial to maintain joint health, skin and coat health, renal function, growth and production, heart health, and immune system health. Insufficient omega-3 intake can have a significant impact on overall health. Botanicial sources of omega-3 such as flax do not contain EPA and DHA, instead they provide its percursor ALA. Mammals have a genetic make-up that severely limits the conversion of ALA into EPA and DHA thereby making plant-based omega-3 far less potent and more difficult to metaboloize.


  • The Pure Check logo guarantees that this product has been independently tested and certified for quality , purity and label claims
  • Balanced EPA and DHA formula satisfies dietary requirements
  • Smoky meat flavour
  • Used by leading veterinarian institutions
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds

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