Autism Sing-Along! Social Songs

Autism Sing-Along! Social Songs

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Like social stories, Autism Sing-Along! Social Songs can help kids learn to navigate through everyday activities with more comfort, more skill and less anxiety.

Autism Sing-Along! Social Songs encourage participation, and are pitched appropriately for young voices, should they begin to sing along.

Here's information kids need, in a format that they enjoy. We can support their developing ability to participate, and we can reinforce strategies for regulating their super-sized feelings.

'Let's Play Tag' is the script for the children's game.
'First, Then' is about natural examples of this principle.
'Helping At School' provides models of participation at school.
'Play At Recess' models three simple scripts for interaction.
'Bathroom' tells the story, from waiting through washing up.
'Ask For Help' is a strategy for frustrating experiences.
'I Can Share' models sharing with a friend.
'I Need A Break' models the request, with a happy ending.
'Free Time' encourages choice and variety.
'Surprise' rehearses comfort with events that are not expected.
'Down Time' is a lullaby about settling down for some quiet time.
'Transition Song' is for moving on: A brief observation, an instruction, and some walking music. Short and long 'walk' versions are available.

Some songs include a verse without lyrics, so that the teacher or parent might add to the story.

An instrumental version of each song is a custom listening or karaoke opportunity. Kids might select icons from the class schedule to arrange in 'first, then' pairs to sing. They might select icons of recess activities available on their playground. 'Do you want to hula-hoop? Yes, I want to hula-hoop. O-o-kay. Let's play!' Or they might speak about a 'Surprise' they have shared.


  • A concise Social Skills curriculum in a format kids enjoy
  • Encourages participation in activities of daily living
  • Encourages interaction, and models interactive expressions such as 'Okay, let's play."
  • Uses music to lighten up non-preferred or challenging activities
  • Autism Sing-Along! photo-plus-icon books available for each song

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