Camellia Lady Cream Peas 1 Pound

Camellia Lady Cream Peas 1 Pound

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Lady Cream Peas are a type of cowpea. They have no color and, when cooked, they yield a clear pot liquor. They have a sweet flavor and creamy texture and are featured in Southern dishes. Like all of our beans, Camellia's Lady Cream Peas are non-GMO, gluten-free, and meet the Hayward Standard - the name our growers gave our bean quality standard - which exceeds the top USDA requirements. Try some today - we think you'll taste the difference.


  • PACKED WITH GOODNESS Camellia Lady Cream Peas are a Southern cooking staple, have a sweet flavor, creamy texture & pack a punch with essential vitamins, minerals & 11 grams of fiber & 13 grams of protein per serving. Pure & verified non-GMO & gluten free.
  • NOT YOUR AVERAGE BEAN Camellia Lady Cream Peas are easy to prepare & quick cooking. Simmer or slow-cook; use for soups and stews; add to corn, potatoes or other vegetables; or mix with salted pork or ham & rice for a distinctly Southern family recipe.
  • GLUTEN FREE: Experiment with Camellia's full line of USA grown dry beans that are packed with essential vitamins, antioxidants, and electrolytes. Each bag of beans has 8g fiber and 15g plant protein per serving. Gluten free & non GMO.
  • NEW ORLEANS FAVORITE A family-owned company, Camellia has been selling 19 varieties of high quality non-GMO & gluten free dry beans, peas & lentils for nearly a century. Our beans are USA grown.
  • CAMELLIA QUALITY: Camellia beans, peas & lentils nurture families & traditions, bringing everyone together to make memories. Our Lady Cream peas are a classic staple with deep, savory flavor that folks love.