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Fios Focus

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Fios Focus was created by a Pediatrician. Her daughter struggles with attention issues. She found that zinc helped her child with focus and impulse issues. Unable to find a chewable, zinc-only supplement that tasted good, she decided to create one herself, using the information she learned from current medical research. She reached out to a number of children in her practice to perfect the taste and size of Fios Focus. She is hopeful that other children will find this zinc supplement to be as helpful to them, as it has been for her own child. Why Zinc? Zinc is necessary for over 100 different enzyme complexes in the human body. Many of these are in the brain. Zinc specifically has a binding site on the dopamine transporter of the brain that is related to ADHD. Zinc-deficiency has been shown to cause hyperactivity. We chose zinc glycinate, because it is much less likely to cause stomach discomfort when compared to other forms of zinc. Zinc gycinate has also been specifically researched in a well-designed study of children with ADHD. More information can be found at


  • Strawberry flavored chewable zinc tablets

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