Green 2O Mint by Liv International

Green 2O Mint by Liv International

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The Future of Hydration Want to see how Green2O compares with other drinks? Click the image to download Comparison Chart.Green2O is the next generation in nutritional beverages. Add it to your water and drink it all day long for a refreshing and hydrating rush of green water. Green2O floods your body with chlorophyllins, fulvic minerals, and antioxidants, supporting you throughout your busy and stressful day. Green2O is not a juice; it contains no caffeine or stimulants. This is pure water amplified with green goodness for health on the go. It comes in two flavors: natural lemon and spearmint. Both are delicious and enjoyed by children and adults alike.


  • Natural detoxifier; Supports healthy digestion
  • Alkaline pH balanced; Natural fulvic minerals
  • Powerful antioxidant; Electrolytes for recovery
  • Heart-heathy Resveratrol and proanthocyanidins
  • Natural energy booster; Delicious hydration