Iron Support ‘Plus’ Vitamin B-12 – Bariatric Supplement for Anemia – 120 Count

Iron Support 'Plus' Vitamin B-12 - Bariatric Supplement for Anemia - 120 Count

Iron Support 'Plus' Vitamin B-12 - Bariatric Supplement for Anemia - 120 Count Rating:
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Vita4Life!Iron Support -(Quantity 30 Fast Dissolving Capsules for all types of by-pass procedures). Iron supplements - Iron is required for the production of red blood cells and is also part of hemoglobin binding to the oxygen and thus facilitating its transport. Iron is also involved in the conversion of blood sugar to energy. Metabolic energy is crucial for athletes since it allows muscles to work at their optimum during exercise or when competing. The immune system is also dependent on iron for its efficient functioning and physical and mental growth require sufficient iron levels, particularly important in childhood and pregnancy, where the developing baby solely depends on its mother's iron supplies. Each capsule contains 40.0MG of raw Iron. A combination of Vitamin C, Folic Acid, B-12 and Zinc are all added for absorption assistance.

1. Capsule - Completely dissolves under two (2) minutes. Easy to ingest and never causes a blockage.
2. No Fillers - Gluten free, no common allergens, sugars, wheat, gluten, artificial colors or flavors, binders and lactose free.
3. Compounds - Always have the latest tested compounds for our formulas for maximum absorption.
4. Labeling - (supplement facts) Always provided in elemental form, providing factual details you can always be assured to be correct and the truth.
5. Our vitamin manufacturer meets / exceeds all CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines.
6. All orders includes free shipping


  • Iron (Amino Acid Chelate) and vitamin B-12 compound for gastric bypass anemia support.
  • Contains vitamin C, folic acid, and zinc for maximum bioavailibility and absorption.
  • Facilitates the transportation of nutritional minerals across the intestinal wall as a part of digestion.
  • Helps regenerating hemoglobin and healthy red blood cells.
  • Free of common allergens, sugars, unnecessary binders and fillers, and artificial colors and flavors.

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