Little DaVinci – Chewable Vitamin C, Vitamin C 300 mg for Kids, Cherry Flavor, 90 Tablets

Little DaVinci - Chewable Vitamin C, Vitamin C 300 mg for Kids, Cherry Flavor, 90 Tablets

Little DaVinci - Chewable Vitamin C, Vitamin C 300 mg for Kids, Cherry Flavor, 90 Tablets Rating:
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Are your kids picky eaters? They might not get enough vitamin C. What's worse? Sugar blocks vitamin C absorption. When your little one eats candy, cakes, ice cream, and pies, his or her body might not use enough of this critical nutrient.* Your child needs vitamin C to stay healthy all year long. Children are exposed to countless microbes at playgroups, daycares, or school and they aren't always good about washing their hands. Vitamin C plays an important role in immune support for kids. Vitamin C also boosts iron absorption and may relieve iron-caused stomach upset by allowing your child to take a lower dose. Vitamin C is also needed to heal cuts, scrapes, bruises, and breaks.* Little DaVinci's chewable vitamin C is a great-tasting way to nourish your child with this important vitamin. It's a natural cherry flavor guaranteed to please even picky eaters. It's free of dairy and gluten and doesn't contain extra binders or fillers. You can trust the quality because it's formulated by a Dartmouth pediatrician. chewable vitamin C is recommended for: Kids who don't like to swallow pills Immune health* Improving iron absorption* Supporting healthy teeth and bones* Promoting skin healing and repair* Reducing free radical damage* Overall health and wellness* You can't always control what your kids eat. But you can strengthen their immune system, improve their iron absorption, and help them build healthy skin, teeth, and bones by giving them a tasty chewable vitamin C every day.*


  • BOOST YOUR CHILD'S IMMUNE SYSTEM: Vitamin C supports a strong immune system to fight off the germs that cause colds and sniffles to keep your child healthy all year long.*
  • IMPROVE IRON ABSORPTION: Vitamin C supplements work hand in hand with iron to improve absorption. Healthy levels of iron are associated with attention span, mood, and getting enough sleep. But high doses of it can cause upset tummies. Taking vitamin C with lower doses of iron can help boost absorption of the mineral and may help reduce iron-caused stomach upset.*
  • DELICIOUS VITAMIN C FOR KIDS: Great-tasting alternative to sugar-loaded vitamin C gummies and for kids that have difficulty swallowing pills . Plus, these vitamin C tablets come with bioflavonoids, which help vitamin C work even better.*
  • KEEP YOUR CHILD HEALTHY AND HAPPY: Vitamin C is a multi-talented nutrient. It supports healthy skin, teeth, and bones. It also promotes tissue healing and repair. It reduces the free radical damage of daily living. You want your child to be healthy and well and Vitamin C is one of the best vitamins to accomplish that goal.*
  • DOCTOR FORMULATED FOR QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST: A Dartmouth pediatrician developed Little DaVinci's chewable vitamin C and the attention to quality makes it one of the best immune system and overall wellness vitamins for kids.*

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