Manifesting Baby: The Mother’s 30-Day Fertility Journal

Manifesting Baby: The Mother's 30-Day Fertility Journal

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Is Your Dream to Become a Mother?Any woman who has experienced challenges with fertility knows it comes with profound fear, anxiety, and self-doubt. It can seem like everyone around you is having children effortlessly. If your deepest desire is to become a mother, or become a mother again, join family and child therapist Shannon Rios Paulsen, MS LMFT and all the other mothers/babies on this thirty-day journey. Read this book to receive support and prepare spiritually, emotionally, and physically to bring your child to you through ivf, adoption, natural pregnancy, egg donor, or embryo donation. Shannon is here to tell you the perfect time has come for you to prepare to welcome a new soul into your life. In Manifesting Baby, Shannon shares her own fertility/adoption journey while helping to open the aspiring mother’s mind, spirit, and body to a baby. If you are currently considering or in the process of ivf, adoption, egg donor, embryo donation or spontaneous pregnancy, this book will assist you in creating the sacred space for your child to manifest into your life. Daily exercises and reflections allow you to bring mindfulness, love and peace to the fertility process. Surround yourself with Paulsen’s positive and nurturing fertility messages/meditations of peace, health, and infinite love.“Prior to reading this book, I had lost all hope. Shannon’s book gave me strength, joy and hope. It also gave me the miracle of connecting to my future babies. I thank Shannon every day for writing this book”. -Stacey Teegardin, Program Manager and Future Mother to Livia and Frederick


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