Nutribomb Fill N Go Funnel Variety Pack – Supplement Funnel – Pre-workout Funnel

Nutribomb Fill N Go Funnel Variety Pack - Supplement Funnel - Pre-workout Funnel

Nutribomb Fill N Go Funnel Variety Pack - Supplement Funnel - Pre-workout Funnel Rating:
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No Holds Barred!

Want to get a body so ripped it would make Arnold lose his accent? Want a physique so toned it would make a
mirror blush? Well, Garage Fit has the perfect way to get that nutrition! Our variety pack gives you 3 funnels
to shuttle around your favorite stack. So you can have one as a pre-workout funnel, another for your post-workout
protein shake, and the last for chugging down some eggs as you channel your inner Rocky.

Cool All the Way!

You don't want to squat 500 pounds one minute and then embarrass yourself spilling supplements all over the locker
room soon after. Not cool. With our protein powder funnel holder, you can easily dispense your supplements
into your shaker with absolutely no mess. This funnel for water bottle also comes with a dual-screw cap,
so you won't risk getting a heart attack by spilling the last of your creatine inside your gym bag.

Not convinced? Check our Protein Powder Funnel notable benefits:

- Water bottle funnel pack of 3 to carry all your supplements.

- Mess-free dispensing of workout powders.

- Designed using high quality plastic to ensure durability.

- Perfectly sized to make portability incredibly easy.

- Equipped with a dual-screw cap for extra safety.

Want to spend less time cleaning messes and more time working out?
Then click 'Add to Cart' now for this unbelievably convenient pre-workout funnel!


  • - 3 SIZES; this fill and go funnel variety pack contains a small, medium and large funnel to easily carry all your different supplements.
  • - TOTAL CONVENIENCE: Nutribomb's funnel for protein powder is perfectly sized to fit into your gym bag and makes dispensing supplements completely mess-free.
  • - BRILLIANT FUNCTIONALITY: you'll love just how easy to use this fill and go funnel is, with a dual-screw cap excellently securing your supplements in place.
  • - HIGH QUALITY PROTEIN FUNNEL: you can count on this durable supplement funnel to last you for ages thanks to the high-grade plastic and solid design.
  • - BPA FREE FUNNEL FOR WATER BOTTLE; our BPA-free powder dispenser bottle will give you peace of mind and help you exceed those fitness goals. Click 'Add to Cart' now!

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