Omega Children

Omega Children

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A creative and intelligent debut by Mike Slade, Omega Children redefines the classical notion of Artificial Intelligence.

This page-turning story begins by following former military officer Alison Blair as she adjusts to her new life outside the United Space Force.
Alison finds herself thrust in with scientists and engineers creating the worlds first truly Synthetic Intelligence.

The story examines the way cybernetic life could actually be created in a lab, and then tracks their development and maturation as they interact with each other and the society around them.

What happens when these beings discover love? Jealousy? Hate?
What happens when the Omega Children begin making more and more decisions for themselves. Can they be controlled?

All the while the lingering question remains-
Are the Omega Children actually alive, or are they simply systems following code?
And how are we any different from that?


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