OPCXtra Super Antioxidant: 4-pak

OPCXtra Super Antioxidant: 4-pak

OPCXtra Super Antioxidant: 4-pak Rating:
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Product Description

OPCXtra is a super antioxidant drink mix made from a combination of six major sources of bioflavonoids. Four of the sources - Grape Seed Extract, Red Wine Extract, Pine Bark Extract and Green Tea Extract - supply a group of powerful antioxidant bioflavonoids called Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPC). Bioflavonoids are complex organic plant compounds found mostly in fruits and vegetables. They function as a cofactor or helper to the body's immune system to respond to inflammation, allergy and infection. OPC's are known to stabilize and protect collagen (a major protein in the body) from free radical damage and enzymatic digestion. OPCXtra is totally bioavailable, water soluble and delivered in an isotonic solution, the way nature intended it to be. This product is delivered to the small intestines within five minutes, when taken as directed.


  • OPC, Isotonic OPC
  • 4 - 300 Gram Bottles
  • Isotonic capable formula
  • Super Antioxidant
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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