PDCM(R) Kids Special Needs 8 oz. Bottle

PDCM(R) Kids Special Needs 8 oz. Bottle

PDCM(R) Kids Special Needs 8 oz. Bottle Rating:
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Why Do Minerals Matter? All trace minerals are micro-nutrients vital for a healthy body. Minerals help the body perform many regulatory and structural functions. Children absorb and respond faster to micro-nutrients because their bodies are growing at accelerated rates. As children grow into adults, this growth slows down dramatically. As a consequence, when children are given vitamins and minerals, the health "return on investment" is much higher than a conscientious adult taking their vitamins and minerals. Effective nutritional supplementation in children creates a much healthier adult. For more information, please refer to www.pdcmkids.com.


  • PDCM Kids products provide the highest quality, all natural plant derived colloidal minerals, utilizing proprietary advance processing. All PDCM(R) Kids products are aseptically bottled, which means they are packaged in a sterile container to maintain sterility. All PDCM(R) products are laboratory certified to have a three year shelf life.

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