Perfect Origins LeptiBalance, Supplement for Healthy Weight Loss, Fat Burn, and Anti Inflammation

Perfect Origins LeptiBalance, Supplement for Healthy Weight Loss, Fat Burn, and Anti Inflammation

Perfect Origins LeptiBalance, Supplement for Healthy Weight Loss, Fat Burn, and Anti Inflammation Rating:
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A new approach to weight loss
Are you disappointed with the results you're seeing from your fat loss program? Does it feel like no diet is working for you? Our supplement is a radical new weight loss formula based on years of research. We found the reason it's so hard to lose weight - Leptin, a hormone produced by fat cells. When Leptin in your system is not working properly, there's almost nothing you can do to lose weight.

Super Cissus quadrangularis extract saves the day
Cissus quadrangularisis an Ayurvedic medicine that helps to improve Leptin concentrations, which helps regulate your blood sugar levels, meaning you'll have more energy and less hunger, making sticking to your diet a whole lot easier. Yerba mate is included to better release your fatty acids and help burn fat and calories, while amazing BioPerine helps your body absorb all the nutrients contained in LeptiBalance.

Not just a slimming capsule
Losing weight will not just make you look slim, it also leads to less complications and diseases down the line. Curcumin spice has been used in Asian diets for centuries and is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, strengthening your immune system, and helping you sleep better.

60-day money-back guarantee
At Perfect Origins, we're all about making our customers happy. If you're not satisfied with your supplement, you're covered by our 60-day money-back guarantee!

You won't find any wasteful or fluffed-up ingredients in our supplement. We have only 5 ingredients, and they all have amazing health-boosting benefits.


  • Blood Sugar, Insulin Linked to Weight Loss - If you're struggling to burn fat and reduce your appetite, your blood sugar levels may be unstable. LeptiBalance includes super-plant Cissus quadrangularis to regulate insulin response and reduce hunger, helping you lose weight easier.
  • Increases Metabolism and Leptin - We've also included yerba mate, which restores your Leptin concentration and increases your metabolism, so you have more energy. It also burns calories, making LeptiBalance a healthy fat burning supplement.
  • Releases and Burns Fatty Acids - Perfect Origins LeptiBalance releases fatty acids trapped in your cells, and then burns them, doubling your chances of weight loss.
  • Combat Inflammation and Disease with Curcumin - LeptiBalance doesn't just help with weight loss. Curcumin has been added as a powerful anti-inflammatory and because it builds up your immune system.
  • Perfect for Ketogenic Diets - Our supplement is superb for people trying to reduce their body mass index (BMI). Easily add LeptiBalance to your ketogenic diet for amazing results.