Potassium, 8 Ounce

Potassium, 8 Ounce

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Mineralife's Liquid Ionic Potassium is a primary electrolyte used in all the cells of your body. It interacts with sodium and helps to balance mineral and fluid levels in your body. Low potassium levels can be extremely dangerous, as potassium is needed for many cellular functions, including; boosting energy levels, supporting digestive health, eliminating muscle cramps and spasms, regulating nerve impulses, and regulating heart rhythms. It's important to consume sufficient potassium to meet your daily requirements in order to reduce the risk of circulatory issues in the body. Mineralife Liquid Ionic Potassium Concentrate contains added CHD-Fulvic Acid to further increase absorption nutrient absorption with fulvic acid. Potassium helps to control the heart's electrical activity to help regulate beat rhythms, circulation and blood pressure. Potassium helps promote muscle relaxation in order to prevent cramps, spasms and difficulty exercising. Low potassium levels can result in fatigue and a breakdown of muscle mass. Additionally, potassium can help to maintain a strong bone structure.


  • NATURAL POTASSIUM - supports healthy blood pressure level, cardiovascular health, nerve and cellular integrity and health.
  • PHYSICAL HEALTH - liquid potassium supplements create electrolyte balance in the body aiding in athletic performance, reducing muscle recovery rates & minimizing muscle cramps.
  • CONCENTRATED - Our liquid ionic potassium allows for just a 19,800 PPM or mg/L dosage that provides 100% of the daily value for potassium.
  • EXCELLENT VALUE - 8oz. of Mineralife's Liquid Ionic Potassium is enough for a 48 day supply.
  • WHY MINERALIFE - Vitamins are required for every biochemical activity of the body, but they cannot function without the presence of minerals. All bodily processes depend on the action and interaction of minerals.

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