PowderJet | Supplement Powder Fill N Go Funnel | Protein Storage & Container | 2 Pack | Green

PowderJet | Supplement Powder Fill N Go Funnel | Protein Storage & Container | 2 Pack | Green

PowderJet | Supplement Powder Fill N Go Funnel | Protein Storage & Container | 2 Pack | Green Rating:
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Enjoy smooth, well mixed protein shakes every time with this PowderJet powder holding funnel. The PowderJet is a 3 in 1 device for powders: 1) Storage container 2) Jet Funnel 3) Powder Mixer Innovative venting technology allows your nutritional powder to mix thoroughly with your water, milk or beverage of choice every time when attached to any store purchased water or juice bottle. Simply align the cap and funnel creating an air flow that jets your powder straight into your water/juice/beverage bottle. The powerful air flow combined with shaking your bottle from cap to bottom creates a waterspout type swirling action which blends your powder with your liquid for a smooth, clump-free and healthy beverage every time. Each Powder Jet funnel securely holds your favorite nutritional or flavor powder in the perfect serving size. Simply toss the funnel in your gym bag, purse, briefcase, or whatever is convenient to have easy access to your drink mix wherever you are. Ideal for storage, the PowderJet keeps your mix fresh and ready to use at a moment's notice. The direct powder to liquid flow helps keep your clothes and surrounding area clean and free of any powder spills. With three bright and different colors, you can easily code your drink powders by color so they are quickly identifiable when you want them most. Attaching to any sized drinking bottle, these funnels jet your powder straight into the water with the power of airflow. Every last bit of your nutritional powder is directed straight into the water or liquid ensuring that you get a full dose of all the nutrients contained in your powder.These Powder Jet funnels are the "everything you need" solution to mix your nutritional beverage when in your day to day journey. Enjoy your nutritional beverages anytime, anywhere with these PowderJet Funnels. Contents: 1 x PowderJet 1 x PowderJet Mini ** PowderJet Mini is packaged inside the PowderJet


  • FAST AND CONVENIENT - PowderJet funnel is a scientifically designed supplement container that holds one serving of any nutritional powder and allows the user to jet the powder directly into any water or juice bottle
  • SMART FLOW TECHNOLOGY - Unlike other storage funnels the PowderJet's patented "smart flow technology" allows granulated powders to flow quickly and freely while delivering a perfectly mixed drink every time
  • HIGH QUALITY - Highest grade plastic assembled and packed in the USA
  • BPA FREE - Our BPA free anti static funnel is easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • REVIEWS - A national vitamin shop retail chain classify our funnel for internal classification purposes as BEST and the other competing china made design seen every where as only GOOD- the other model can be logo branded by anyone and sells cheaper in retail stores for many reasons- the PowderJet is the apex of supplement funnels

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