Prédiré Paris Golden Magnetic Mud Mask Rich Collagen & Oxygen Booster

Prédiré Paris Golden Magnetic Mud Mask Rich Collagen & Oxygen Booster

Prédiré Paris Golden Magnetic Mud Mask Rich Collagen & Oxygen Booster Rating:
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Product Description

Predire Paris' Golden Magnetic Mud Mask Collagen & Oxygen Booster revives your skin through the power of magnetism and real gold.

As you run the magnet over your face, the iron powder in the mask is magnetized and lifted, which increases blood flow, boosts oxygen production and expels impurities. The natural oils in the mask accelerate collagen production for a younger, more radiant looking skin.

With the addition of Argan Oil, this is the ultimate non-abrasive answer in the process of a facial mask to eliminate dirt and dead skin from your face, leaving skin renewed and refreshed.

Oxygen Boosting
Expels Impurities
Promotes Collagen Production

Ingredient Benefits:

Anti-Aging Break Through Formula

Bio- Organica Luxury Skincare formulated with the restoring powers of Argan Oil, Retinol, & Collagen

- Argan Oil contains multiple benefits to the skin, not only nourishing and protecting but reversing environmental damage, wrinkles and premature aging. The active substances in organic Argan Oil called Triterpenoids offer amazing anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial protection while promoting tissue and scar repair.
- Retinol is an essential part of a skin care regime to boost collagen-depleted skin. In addition to boosting collagen production reducing wrinkles and fine lines it also stimulates new blood vessels, giving the skin a rosy appearance and fading age spots.
- Collagen is one of the most well-known benefits of collagen is its ability to promote glowing, vibrant skin. This essential protein provides elasticity to the skin, helping it to appear more youthful, and healthy. Minimizing fine lines & wrinkles, loose skin, and dryness
All Products are designed to help improve Moisture and the Hydration of the skin promoting combating the signs of aging.


  • OXYGEN BOOSTING | Our refreshing mud mask boosts oxygen to the skin while expelling impurities, resulting in a vibrant glow
  • PROMOTES NATURAL COLLAGEN | Not just restorative, this mask brightens and boosts the skin and promotes natural collagen production, so your skin begins to work for you again.
  • ULTRA - MOISTURIZING | Our top selling facial mud mask provides added moisture and hydration, helping to minimize fine lines and wrinkles.
  • VITAMIN ENRICHED | Powered by all natural Argan Oil and enriched with the powers of Vitamin C, E, & A, this mask moisturizes, restores and renews for a healthy glow.

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