Prevent Alzheimer’s, Autism and Stroke: With 7-Supplements, 7-Lifestyle Choices, and a Dissolved Mineral

Prevent Alzheimer's, Autism and Stroke: With 7-Supplements, 7-Lifestyle Choices, and a Dissolved Mineral

Prevent Alzheimer's, Autism and Stroke: With 7-Supplements, 7-Lifestyle Choices, and a Dissolved Mineral Rating:
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This ground-breaking book describes a surprising connection between Alzheimer’s, autism, and stroke and identifies their common causal factor as neurotoxic forms of aluminum.  The exciting recent research that makes this identification possible is both carefully explained and thoroughly referenced. These diseases are modern mismatch diseases created by our brains attempting to function in the presence of a chemical monster at levels not experienced during the brain’s evolution. This book describes specific preventative measures to be taken by you and your family to rid yourself of this chemical monster. Most importantly a preventative system for individuals is described in this book involving 7 specific supplements, 7 lifestyle choices, and a dissolved mineral that will prevent Alzheimer’s, autism, and stroke.  This is also a combination therapy that has been shown to reverse the cognitive decline seen in early-stage Alzheimer’s disease.  Elements of this combination therapy have also been found to reverse the course of autism in the very young and the course of hardening of the arteries and stroke in the very old.

The author’s interest in dementia started after an acquaintance died of the after-effects of a stroke and the author’s mother and a friend’s mother, both 86 years old at the time, began suffering severe frustration and panic attacks due to short term memory failure.  With a doctorate in chemistry from Harvard, the author spent a number of years reading hundreds of research articles in scientific journals. The search for the causes of Alzheimer’s and stroke started as a mystery and led to a surprising connection with autism. Once the mystery was solved it transformed into a crusade.  The author found this monster lurking in his medicine cabinet, food pantries, refrigerator, and the water pipes leading into his home.   This monster had been damaging the brains of newborn infants, elderly family members, and everyone in between for years.


Alzheimer’s (AD) is a currently a terminal disease but it is not an inevitable part of aging.  The United States has a death rate due to Alzheimer’s that is one of the highest in the world (24.8 per 100,000) while Singapore has one of the lowest death rates due to Alzheimer’s (0 per 100,000). This is in spite of the fact that people in Singapore live on average 4 years longer than people in the United States.

Therefore AD is not a typical part of ageing as there are countries in the world, such as Singapore, where people with a life expectancy greater than the U.S. have much less AD.   Surprisingly these same countries also have much lower incidence of autism. This book explains why AD and autism are not prevalent in some parts of the world and how countries, like the U.S., can take steps to lower their rates of both AD and autism.


This book makes it clear that as both individuals and as a culture it is time to take on neurotoxic aluminum that causes AD, autism, and stroke. Reading this book will allow you to make an informed decision about what recommendations you will use to prevent neurotoxic aluminum from claiming your brain and the brains of those you love.

By using recent research to identify neurotoxic forms of aluminum as a cause of Alzheimer’s disease and providing steps to avoid aluminum ingestion, this book provides a different perspective from other books on Alzheimer’s prevention by notable authors such as Jean Carper, Bruce File and Russel Blaylock, Gary Small and Gigi Vorgan, and Thomas Harding.


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