Profertil for Men, 60 Capsules, Lenus Pharma

Profertil for Men, 60 Capsules, Lenus Pharma

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Vitamin Complex to optimize the fertility of men who want to have children ingredients: L-Carnitine 440mg; L-Arginine 250mg; Coenzyme Q10 15mg; Vitamin E 120mg; Zinc 40mg; Folic Acid 800mcg; Glutathione 80mg; Selenium 60 mcg; Treating fertility problems in couples who want to procreate has gained increasing importance over recent years in applied medicine. The causes of this difficulty of procreation may be related to reduced fertility for both women and men. Unlike women who have a variety of therapeutic options, men can improve their single essential factor, namely quality sperm, are extremely limited. Both the quality and quantity of sperm are influenced by many factors. Environmental pollution (toxic waste, heavy metals, pollutants, hazardous substances, as well as environmental factors such as continuous and excessive sun exposure, various lifestyle factors (eg nicotine and alcohol abuse) and changes (intense stress, nutritional deficits) today threaten not only the whole process of spermatogenesis but also the mobility, appearance and volume of individual sperm. The process of sperm production is a very complicated and biologically complicated procedure that lasts for a few weeks and can be very easily influenced negatively. During spermatogenesis, the human body needs special agents that favor different stages of development, such as amino acids, trace elements, vitamins, and vitamin-like substances. These specific nutrients provide the optimal prerequisites for normal spermatogenesis healthy. Various lifestyle habits and negative style factors can very quickly lead to deficiencies of these substances, which often go unnoticed by the people involved. From this point of view, there is a need for regular and balanced intake of these nutrients in sufficient quantities. Numerous vital substances for optimal spermatogenesis have already been individually analyzed and described by well-known scientists.


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