Tendon and Ligament Regeneration and Repair – 500 Milligrams, 100 Capsules

Tendon and Ligament Regeneration and Repair - 500 Milligrams, 100 Capsules

Tendon and Ligament Regeneration and Repair - 500 Milligrams, 100 Capsules Rating:
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Product Description

Dimmak Herbs Tendon Mending Pills are the perfect fusion of lab tested ingredients, high quality Chinese medicine herbs, and a proven list of benefits for tendon and ligament support, health and healing solutions.

Whether you're a professional athlete, weekend warrior or simply living an active lifestyle, you've probably experienced one (or more) of the following:

  • Achilles Tendinitis

  • Knee ligament damage

  • Ligament tears

  • Torn rotator cuff

  • Elbow Tendinitis

  • Ankle sprains

  • & more!

If so, you're probably aware that these types of injuries can occur at inopportune moments, often requiring surgery, with long and painful recoveries.

Imagine if you could get quicker and less painful results with Chinese Medicine Herbs and Healing Solutions.

Dimmak Herbs Tendon Mending Pills are doctor formulated, ligament and tendon injury recovery supplements, designed with a "mending" source wellness formula, that delivers an efficient and faster way to heal your ligament and tendon injuries, so that you can quickly return to your active lifestyle.

TRANSLATION: Dimmak Herbs Tendon Mending Pills have the ability to:

  • Mend Minor Tears

  • Strengthen Your Tendon

  • Heal Ligament Damage

  • Provide Increased Circulation To Accelerate Healing Time

Dimmak Herbs is a California based producer of high quality Eastern and Western medicinal herbs. All of our products are lab tested, made from 100% natural ingredients and organically sourced. Please note that our Chinese herbs are grown under strict quality (organic) standards, while all of our Western herbs are USDA certified organic.


  • PERFECT for Achilles Tendinitis, knee ligament therapy, rotator cuff support, post ankle sprain relief, painful tears & more
  • RECOVERY formula includes Chinese medicine herbs ideal for all ligament repair, tendon health, sinew injuries, damage or tears
  • FASTER ligament repair - strengthening with tendon and dynamic ligament healing solutions
  • RESTORES joint, ligament and tendon health
  • SUSTAINABLY Sourced - Doctor Formulated - Lab Tested Herbs

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