The Best Essiac Tea – Certified Organic – Essiac Tea The Native Herbal Remedy – (1 qt 32 Fl Oz.) – Organa Essiac Tea

The Best Essiac Tea - Certified Organic - Essiac Tea The Native Herbal Remedy - (1 qt 32 Fl Oz.) - Organa Essiac Tea

The Best Essiac Tea - Certified Organic - Essiac Tea The Native Herbal Remedy - (1 qt 32 Fl Oz.) - Organa Essiac Tea Rating:
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Product Description

Feel Healthier By The Day With An All-Natural Herbal Tea!

Do you feel drained of energy due to your busy daily schedule?

Are you striving to cope with the loads of work in the office and you are looking for a natural energy booster?

If so, you should definitely read on!

Introducing A Potent Essaic Tea Herbal Tonic That Will Boost Your Health The Natural Way!

Dealing with our increased workload is no mean feat; this is why we often feel weak, lacking the energy to fulfill our many obligations.

A NATURAL health booster, Essiac tea purifies the body from the toxins that build up, fighting the free radicals that affect our vital organs and speed up the ageing process.

NO harmful side-effects are caused, as it is an organic herbal supplement! The only experience you are going to have is an overall feeling of INCREASED ENERGY, a POSITIVE MINDFRAME and a generalized sense of WELLNESS!

An Herbal Tea That Stands Out!

We know you need peace of mind that our Essiac Tea makes a difference among the many similar products flooding the market.

Potent formula of pure organic ingredients, a natural source of vitamins and minerals
Best protection of immune system and all vital organs

Increased energy levels, stress levels lowering and better sleep
Prepared in the USA in compliance with the highest safety standards

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  • FIGHT STRESS & SLEEP BETTER: Rich in VITAMINS, MINERALS and ANTI-OXIDANTS, the herbal tea purifies the body from harmful toxins build-up, helping you deal with the high stress levels of modern lifestyle. Enjoy the feeling of generalized wellness and fight anxiety, immersing in a better quality night sleep that is beneficial for the proper function of body and brain.
  • A POTENT ORGANIC FORMULA: Made up of five botanicals including sheep sorrel, burdock root, the inner bark of the slippery elm, indian rhubarb and cat's claw bark, it makes an original herbal tea remedy targeting all vital organs protection. No preservatives, artificial coloring or flavors are contained, only pure natural ingredients for a healthier lifestyle!
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA: Steer clear of health supplements with an uncertain manufacture origin, which could put your health at risk! Manufactured in the USA, in certified GMP facilities and submitted to the most rigorous testing, our Essiac Tea makes an absolutely safe herbal remedy for yours and your loved ones' daily needs.
  • FEEL HEALTHIER OR GET YOUR MONEY BACK! We take pride in the quality and efficiency of our Essiac Tea Tonic and we know you will be thrilled with its potent results! This is why we are backing it with Full Refund Policy, to help you place your order with confidence. If you are not 100% happy with it, just contact us and we will return your money in full-NO QUESTIONS ASKED!