The Multivitamin Lie: How and Why You Only Need Food for Perfect Nutrition

The Multivitamin Lie: How and Why You Only Need Food for Perfect Nutrition

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In your home, on a shelf or in a drawer, there likely resides a small bottle of pills. You've been told repeatedly that these pills are healthy---perhaps even necessary. Your friends take them, your mother extols their benefits, and even your doctor has recommended them. They are designed to balance out your sometimes less-than-healthy diet and fill the gaps left by less-than-perfect nutrition, and they will make you healthier, more disease-resistant, and longer-lived. We are speaking about multivitamins, of course, and their promises are tempting... but there's just one problem: they're completely ineffective!

You and millions around the world have been sold a lie. What was once a promising hypothesis has been thoroughly discredited by science, but supplement companies aren't going to let that get in the way of a great business. As long as they can count on your ignorance about how vitamins and minerals affect your health, they can count on your money too---money that feeds into billions of dollars of yearly revenue.

It's time to see through the deceit and dispel the dietary doubt supplement sellers have embedded within us. "The Multivitamin Lie" tackles the myth of pill-based nutrition one flawed point at a time, from the science that repeatedly finds multivitamins to have zero effect on health to the ways that companies manipulate you to think it's difficult to get adequate nutrition from food. "The Multivitamin Lie" will reestablish your confidence that good nutrition is possible without anything more complicated than a normal diet, and convince you once-and-for-all to trade those useless pills for delicious, nutritious food---because it's the food you eat and diet you choose that are the keys to health and longevity, and not pills, capsules, and tablets.

Also included in "The Multivitamin Lie":

- A thorough, easy-to-understand examination of how vitamin and mineral needs are truly measured, and the common pitfalls to avoid.

- Intelligible in-depth explanations of every essential vitamin and mineral, including information on how much we actually need, important facts to be aware of, and the best food sources.

- Example diet templates for unrestricted, pesco-vegetarian, ovo/lacto-vegetarian, and vegan diets to demonstrate the ease with which all vitamin and mineral needs can be met.

- Quick access references to plan your diet and convert Daily Values from nutrition labels into accurate measures of nutritional need.


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