Vega One Nutritional Shake Chocolate 876G

Vega One Nutritional Shake Chocolate 876G

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Vega One All in One Vegan Nutritional Shake Nutritional Superpower Support Includes: Metabolism, energy, digestion, immunity, nutrient absorption, blood sugar balance, weight management, hormonal support
50% daily intake vitamins and minerals (in a highly absorbable food base encouraging absorption and assimilation. Replaces the need to take a multi vitamin separately). 15g protein, 6g fibre and 1.5g Omega-3 (supplies dietary satisfaction, supports the development of lean muscle tissue, blood sugar and craving management) Additional: antioxidants, probiotics, digestive enzymes, greens, chlorella and maca (replacing the need to take all these supplements separately)
Comparing Vega One to the previous Whole Food Health Optimizer formula:
250% more antioxidants: Anti aging, cellular repair and protection 100 X more probiotics and digestive enzymes: Improves nutrient absorption 20% more Omega-3: Now with white chia. Omega 3's benefit immunity, inflammation (lowered), hormone health, and weight control 20% more greens: Now with alfalfa, spinach, broccoli & kale. Aids in detoxification, food based vitamins and minerals, and chlorophyll which oxygenates the blood (energizing!) 15% more protein (now with SaviSeed protein, great taste & texture, high in tryptophan the precursor to serotonin for emotional/mood support)

  • Those with sporadic nutritional intake (i.e. students, traveling executives, on the go families etc.)
  • Active individuals (between workouts)
  • Weight loss (used as a meal replacement)
  • Aging adults (nutrient coverage, convenience and palatability)
  • Detoxification (chlorella, antioxidants, fiber, alkaline protein, greens)
  • Young families (safe for new mothers as well as kids-with adjusted serving sizes)
  • Safe for food sensitivities


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