Vitamin C Facial Serum – Acne Scar Removal, Anti Aging Moisturizer, Eve Hansen, 2 ounces

Vitamin C Facial Serum - Acne Scar Removal, Anti Aging Moisturizer, Eve Hansen, 2 ounces

Vitamin C Facial Serum - Acne Scar Removal, Anti Aging Moisturizer, Eve Hansen, 2 ounces Rating:
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Vitamin C Skin Serum and acne scar treatment, anti-aging skin-care regimen. This serum moisturizer with vitamin c is key to boost collagen, a protein gives skin its firmness, strength. When applying dry skin treatment vitamin c e serum to the skin directly, the antioxidants neutralize free radicals that age you. When a free radical steals an electron from one of the proteins in a strand of collagen, it creates a tiny break in the strand. More breaks = more wrinkles. Since vitamin C is an electron donor, it helps reverse and prevent the signs of aging. Use it to keep skin firm and youthful and protected. Eve Hansen's all natural Vitamin C Serum contains 20% Vitamin C & 11% Hyal Acid along with other anti-aging ingredients to make a unique acne serum which is rich in antioxidants that are easily absorbed by skin. Works well on all skin types including sensitive, dry and oily skin. Our Vegan Vitamin C Serum for your face can be used daily in the morning, or as a night serum to combat common signs of aging helps reduces wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots for bright complexion & younger-looking skin. To begin skincare, use a cleanser & toner to effectively wash & remove dirt, oils, and toxins from your skin. After cleansing & toning, apply facial serums such as liquid vitamin c serum, hyaluronic acid or retinol. After serums, apply your favorite creams, moisturizers, or lotions. Using a vitamin c lotion will aid in enhanced collagen production. The best vitamin c serum acts as a facial brightening serum, tightening serum, acne serum, and its ability to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, sun spots, shrink pores, sunburn irritation, age spots & balance skin tone care. ORGANIC Vitamin C serum helps repair the appearance of sun damage. gifts for mom gifts for women mothers day gifts mother day gift ideas mom gift set mothers day gift


  • ANTI WRINKLE SERUM: Vit C Serum boosts collagen and elastin production to keep skin looking younger.
  • VEGAN FACE SERUM: Vitamin C Serum reduces sun spots, discoloration and an active wrinkle treatment.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA for the holidays. Christmas gifts for women or the best gift stocking stuffer.
  • SKIN TREATMENT for brighter skin as Vit C anti aging facial serum clears and tightens skin tone.
  • PURE VITAMIN C formula with anti-aging serum ingredients Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Jojoba. No Sulfates. No Parabens. No Phthalates.

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